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Years of Experience


Pro-Axle’s very credible reputation within this industry has been gained over many years of quality service and specific work carried out on customer vehicles which have obtained exceptional tyre wear results after our professional wheel alignment and suspension service after all “steering straight is our business”!

We have specific products available to our franchisees which are covered by 13 registered designs and patents including patents registered in Japan which cover Toyota and Nissan 4WD vehicles.  These vehicles come into Australia with solid axle front ends with no factory adjustment to fine tune them to the specific requirement for our Australian road conditions due to our camber variations pertaining to different rainfall encountered in all corners of our country.

We stock various parts (including some which we hold patent to) for cars, 4×4’s, trucks, buses and commercial vehicles:

  • Wheel Alignment Shims
  • Strut Camber Adjusters
  • Toyota And Nissan Camber Correction King Pin Bearing Caps
  • Northstar Alignment Correction

Here are some of the more general services that we offer:

  • On Vehicle Wheel Balance
  • Inspect and Quote of Repairs
  • Visual Checks of Suspension and Componentry
  • Single Steer Camber Correction plus Set Front Toe
  • Twin Steer, Set Track and Toe Only
  • Twin Steer, Camber Correction and Set Toe plus Track both steer axles
  • Rear Axle Check and Track Single Drive
  • Rear Axle Check and Track Bogie Drive
  • Trailer Axle Laser Track Adjustment and Suspension Check
  • Supply and Fitting or Removal of Caster Wedge
  • 4WD Independent Suspension Alignment
  • Car Wheel Alignment



Caravan Wheel Alignment


Pro-Axle also offers Caravan Wheel Alignment in Melbourne and throughout Sydney to keep your vehicle running smooth and straight. For a comprehensive suspension check and axle correction servicing for your caravan, speak to us today.

We can do custom work as required.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our workshops.


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